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Herb Almanac offers hundreds of natural remedies to satisfy all your herbal and nutritional needs, however, finding the right herb is not always easy. That is why we created this “Symptoms” page. You can browse through a list of common symptoms to find the product that's right for you. We also offer a list of homeopathic remedies (listed by symptoms). If you don't see your symptoms listed here, you can use our search page to find your specific symptoms.
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Note: The herbs, formulas, and recipes contained within this web site are not to be considered substitutes for proper medical care. As with any other medicine or remedy, if you are sick, you should consult a physician to find out if these herbal remedies are right for you. Herb Almanac does not make any medical claims nor warranties regarding the use of the products listed on this site. These remedies may not be for everyone, and like any other type of remedy may have side effects. You should consult your physician before taking any medication.