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Why become a Nature's Sunshine Member or Distributor?

Nature's Sunshine Company & Mission

In 1972, a Utah math teacher named Gene Hughes had an irritating stomach ailment. On the advice of a friend, he started taking cayenne pepper. The spice herb helped his stomach but was difficult to swallow. His wife, Kristine, suggested putting the cayenne powder inside easy-to-swallow gelatin capsules. Gene did, and Nature's Sunshine was born.

For over 25 years, Nature's Sunshine has been helping people live healthier lives with natural products. Our company's mission is to share the message and the means of better health and vitality with people all over the world.

Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine proudly offers over 400 natural health products, including single herbs, combination herbs, Chinese herbs, vitamin and mineral products, homeopathic remedies and much more. We offer the highest-quality natural health products in the world.

We obtain raw materials from established, trusted sources. Then, we carefully test for contamination and verify the purity and potency of herb materials. We use the finest, high-tech lab equipment and methods to analyze materials and products to ensure premium quality. This zeal to offer only superior quality herbs, food supplements and other natural health products has made NSP (Nature's Sunshine Products) a recognized leader in the industry.

Your Opportunity

In addition to providing a way to help people learn about better health and creating products to support the improvement process, Nature's Sunshine offers you the opportunity to take charge of your financial health. This offer is much more than simply allowing you to purchase NSP products at a lower cost. An NSP distributorship can help you achieve career independence, fulfillment in helping others and even true financial freedom.

NSP sells its products via direct marketing. Independent distributors sell products to anyone interested in living a healthier, more natural lifestyle. As a distributor, you can even earn an excellent income while doing what you enjoy: talking to people, learning about natural health and helping others.

When you join Nature's Sunshine, the "People-to-People" Health Business, you become part of the NSP family. You make new friends, learn ways to improve your health, teach others about healthy living and have the opportunity to earn exciting benefits.

The NSP Compensation Plan

Nature's Sunshine has designed a generous compensation package where over half of each dollar coming into the company is paid back to our Members, Distributors and Managers in rebates, commissions and benefits. The plan rewards Members, Distributors and Managers for their hard work with cash rebates, commissions, insurance benefits*, trips and conventions*, car lease programs* and more. (*Paid to qualifying Managers who attain specific Manager levels.)

There are four ways to earn money selling NSP products:

    1. Earn retail profits on products you buy at direct cost and sell at retail.
    2. Earn cash rebates when your monthly purchases are over 150 QV (about $150).
    3. Earn commissions on total purchases made by your group.
    4. Earn commissions on the sales made by Managers in your downline.

Let's illustrate how an NSP Distributor can earn money with the story of Ginger Smith.

1. Retail Profit

Ginger's friend John sells NSP products to her. She decided to join Nature's Sunshine. In February, she bought one bottle of ALJ and sold it to her neighbor at suggested retail.

Product Suggested Retail Cost Profit
ALJ $13.40 $9.10 $4.30

Ginger earns a retail profit on products she buys at cost and sells at retail -- usually about 45%.

2. Earn a Rebate When Your Monthly Purchases Exceed 150 QV

Ginger sold more NSP products. For the month of April, her total QV (Qualification Value) was 158 and her PV (Purchase Volume) was 160. In addition to the total retail profit she earned on her purchases, Ginger received an 8 percent rebate check from NSP because her QV was over 150 for the month.

PV for Month % Bonus Earned Rebate Amount
160 8% bonus $12.80

3. Earn Commissions on Purchases Made by Your Group

As Ginger's sales grew, her mother and sister signed up as Distributors. They became members of Ginger's successline, or sales group. She then earned a commission on their purchases.

When Ginger's Group PV exceeded 500, she earned a check for about $50, including 12 percent commission earned on her group PV.

4. Earn Commissions on the Purchases of Managers in Your Downline

After several months of growth, Ginger's monthly QV was above the 1,000 needed to achieve Manager status. As a Manager, she earned 12 percent commission on the QV of the Managers one level beneath her her group.

After a few months, Ginger's mother, Rose, reached Manager status. Because Ginger's individual QV was over 1,000, Ginger earned 12 percent commission on Rose's PV. For the month of December, Rose's PV was 1,260.

PV for Month % Commission Earned Rebate Amount
1,260 12% commission $151.20

As first-level Managers (like Rose) recruited Distributors who eventually became Managers, Ginger advanced in rank. Ginger earned 4% commission on the PV of her second-level Managers. She earned 2% commission on third-level Manager purchases (as an Area Manager). (Qualifying Managers are paid commissions through the 5th level, depending on their rank. All Managers must maintain at least 150 QV in personal purchases monthly.)

The NSP Advantage

How Nature's Sunshine's Compensation Plan Stacks Up Against the Competition

You can earn more money quickly with Nature's Sunshine than with most netowrk marketing companies. By design, our Compensation Plan helps you earn higher commissions in the early stages of your business. Most other MLM company's plans don't yield big commissions until a Distributor is much more established (through four our five levels). Because NSP pays greater commissions earlier in your career, you and your Distributors are less likely to get discouraged and look elsewhere.

We compared Nature's Sunshine with eight other industry-related MLM companies and found three reasons NSP Distributors earn more money more quickly than other distributors

Reason #1
Greater Rebates on Personal Purchases

NSP pays up to 30 percent rebates on purchases! A third of the companies studied do not pay Distributors any rebates on personal purchases. The other two-thirds do, but only one pays as much as 30 percent.

Reason #2
Greater Commissions on Purchases by Distributors in Your Group

In our comparison we found that NSP pays Managers greater monthly commissions (a maximum of 30 percent of the Distributor's purchase volume) on the purchases made by their downline. Many companies pay only about 10 percent commission on downline purchases. Some even require a minimum purchase by the downline Distributor in order for the sponsor to receive commission.

Reason #3
Greater Commissions for Downline Managers

In comparing the NSP Marketing plan to the popular 5-5-5-5-5 plan (5 percent commission on purchases through 5 levels) used by other companies, we found that NSP Managers are compensated as well or better than representatives of other MLM companies who have built sales organizations three levels deep. These other companies often promise big rewards later on, but the truth is, it often takes so long to establish the fourth or fifth levels that many Distributors don't achieve those levels. Consequently, they never see the big money.

Let's compare the earnings of a third-level NSP Manager with that of a third-level Distributor from a company using the 5-5-5-5-5 plan. (Sales figures are reasonable estimates of those a third-level Manager might achieve in one month.)

Level NSP Commission Sales Earnings "X" Commission Sales Earnings
1 12% $10,000 $1,200 5% $10,000 $500
2 4% $15,000 $600 5% $15,000 $750
3 2% $15,000 $300 5% $15,000 $750

As you can see, in the first level, NSP offers a huge advantage in commissions paid; a $700 difference. After two levels, the advantage is still clearly NSP's, with $550 more in commissions than the other company. Even through three levels, NSP is still ahead in total commission paid.

Unlike some multi-level companies, no strategizing is necessary when signing up new Distributors. It does not matter who signs up underneath whom in order to build certain lines. And, there is no limit on the number of first-level Distributors a Manager can have.

Based on 1997 earnings, these are actual average monthly earnings for various NSP Manager levels (does not include retail profits).

Manager Level Avg. Monthly Earnings Avg. Annual Earnings*
Manager $376 $4,512
District Manager $1,471 $17,652
Area Manager $3,554 $42,648
Regional Manager $7,240 $86,880
    *(based on monthly earnings)

What Makes an NSP Home-Business Worthwhile?

More and more people are finding freedom and fulfillment in home-based businesses. When you operate your own business, you control your destiny. You make decisions regarding your career, including compensation, responsibilities, advancement and more. You reap the benefits of your hard work.

The Trend toward Direct Sales

Direct sales, or network marketing, is responsible for the sale of over $100 billion in goods and services annually worldwide. It is estimated that over 25 million people in at least 120 countries participate in direct sales.

For many people who seek financial independence, owning a direct sales business is the best choice. There are many benefits to a direct sales business: low start-up costs, unlimited earning potential, the choice of working part-time or full-time, and minimal skill and education requirements.

The Booming Natural Health Field

The natural health field is exploding. The entire diet and nutrition industry has been blossoming over the past few decades and now is a $6.5 billion-a-year industry in the U.S. and a $33 billion market worldwide. Experts estimate that within five years it will triple. Direct sales companies are key players in this growing industry.

As baby-boomers continue to age, they spend more money trying to stay young. This group of over 75 million Americans helps make the food supplement industry one of the fastest growing in the world.

Nature's Sunshine's Role in the Natural Health Market

Nature's Sunshine has been leading the natural health industry since it was founded in 1972. Our commitment to quality and service is legendary. Our strength is shown in our world wide presence and in our steady growth. NSP stock is traded publicly as NATR on the NASDAQ exchange.

Your Invitation to Nature's Sunshine

As an NSP Distributor, you can experience the freedom of owning your own business and setting your own goals and limits. You will enjoy the rewards of your hard work and success. When you combine the joy of helping others and the freedom of financial security with the health benefits of NSP products, you have a tremendous opportunity. You have the means for pursuing the things that bring you happiness.

Let's Get Started in Your Business

Follow these simple steps to success with your new Nature's Sunshine business:

  • Buy the NSP products.
  • Share your story of health success.
  • Use the Lifestyle Analysis to share the products with your friends.
  • Purchase at least 150 QV in a month to earn cash rebates!
  • Attend NSP training schools and events.

Now is the time to begin a healthier, happier future with Nature's Sunshine. To sign up, simply fill out the NSP Member/Distributor Agreement and fax it to (303) 340-4404. Or you can call (303) 340-3404 to find out more about becoming part of the Nature's Sunshine family.

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