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Eyebright Plus

Categories: Circulatory System

Symptoms: Eye Problems, Eye Strain, Eye Inflammation, Circulation, Inflammation, Eye Infections

Eyebright Plus is an herbal combination designed to improve the overall health of the eyes. Eyebright Plus focuses on degenerative eye disorders, which are usually age-related. Each capsule of Eyebright Plus contains 3mg of lutein. Luetin is one of two carotenoids and is naturally found in the eyes. Eyebright Plus increases the levels of lutein needed by the body to protect eye tissues from free radical damage and degenerative conditions.

Eyebright Plus contains:

Eyebright Plus may be used to relieve eye problems such as eye strain, eye infections, eye inflammations, and irritated and sore eyes. Eyebright's antibiotic and astringent properties tighten membranes and mucus surrounding the eyes, effectively strengthening and improving circulation.

Rich in vitamins A and C, Eyebright Plus also contains tannins that are beneficial for reducing inflammation. Astringent properties found in Eyebright Plus make it ideal for relieving excess mucus, improving weakened vision and strengthen weakened capillaries. Eyebright Plus may be used in the treatment of night blindness, day blindness, cataracts and eye fatigue.

Take two capsules daily.

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